BE Music: All About Our New Sync Licensing Company

by | Jan 15, 2024

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Do you want to see your music featured on Netflix, or in commercials for major brands like Nike and Google Pixel? While you may not know what music licensing companies do, you’re certainly aware of their impact. In this article we’ll breakdown why our new sync licensing company, BE Music, is exactly the bridge you need to take advantage of these lucrative opportunities. 

What is Music Sync Licensing?

Music sync licensing companies, such as BE Music, connect artists to brand organizations that may want to use their music.  A music sync license is a contract agreement that takes place between brands and artists or music publishers. Basically, it allows brands to use the artist’s music legally, whether it be for commercial use or visual media. These licensing agreements prevent brands from breaking copyright law and allow artists to receive payment when their work is used. There are three main parts to a music license: the media, term, and territory. These parts dictate where the music will be played, for how long, and if it will be broadcasted nationally or internationally. In the sync world, brands tend to use music in advertisements, television, movies, video games, etc. Advertising agencies and sync licensing companies are often working directly with each other for sync placements. These licenses allow both brands and the artist to gain exposure, and they can a game changer for indie artists.

What is BE Music Licensing?

We are a full-service music licensing company based in Miami. We were founded by Matthew “Formatt” Defreitas, owner of the Grammy award-winning Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami, which you may have heard of. Matthew started out as an audio engineer, and has garnered over 20 years of experience in the music industry. As he explains it, BE Music was a natural addition to the Bay Eight family since he was already connecting the indie artists that came through the studio with brands that looked to him for recommendations. While BE Music has grown, the goal has remained the same. We want to bridge the gap between indie artists and major brands. Our team believes the industry is better when smaller artists have the kinds of opportunities traditionally only available to major label musicians. 

What makes BE Music special?

BE Music’s office is located at the state-of-the-art Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami. This is a huge advantage for us. Our staff is constantly surrounded by both world-renowned and independent artists. We get to witness first-hand the genesis of music’s latest trends. Our team is able to hand-pick emerging artists that we know are the future of the music industry. Our artists’ best features are selected to match each brand’s image. The songs we license are more than background music; our placements amplify both the status of brands and our artists. 

Our Artists

BE Music’s diverse roster features hip-hop, electro-pop, and garage rock artists. Our A&Rs listen to each song an artist submits before deciding to sign them. Also, we limit the number of projects we handle at a time so we can maintain a personalized relationship with our clients. Here is a sample from one of our artists, LA-based SHADESOFBLUE

Bringing Power to Independent Artists in The Music Industry

Artists who secure a sync placement with BE Music have the opportunity to work with globally known brands. Our staff are fans of the artists we sign, so we’re always eager to promote their music to brands that pair well with each of their unique sounds. We take care of every aspect of the sync placements process. Firstly, we promote the artist’s music to the brand. Then, we negotiate licensing fees, and disclose all the details to the artist. We make the process as easy as we can for both sides. 

In Conclusion

We know that when an artist’s music is used in advertisements, TV, and film, they experience a level of exposure that has the power to transform their career.  As a sync licensing company, we have the ability to greatly expand our artist’s fanbase and set up their career in a way that allows them financial stability for years to come. We are excited to continue elevating indie artists, and hope you’ll consider submitting to our catalogue.   
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