How Much Is Studio Time in Miami?

by | Jan 19, 2024

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The experience of recording in a professional studio is a significant moment in any indie artist’s career.  However, we know a lot of artists are intimidated by this step because they don’t know what to expect, particularly in terms of cost. So, we’ll tell you right now how much it costs to record at our studios. At Bay Eight, our studio rental rates range from $85-$115 an hour. But this figure probably leaves you with more questions than answers. Why is there a range? How many hours does it take to record a song? What’s included in the price? 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to calculate how much it will cost you to record a song in our studio (or any studio) based on your own unique needs. We’ll even tell you how to get discounts at our studio. Let’s get into the details!

Calculating How Much You’ll Spend

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You know how Spirit Airlines always has the lowest sticker price for flights, but once you add up the cost of everything that isn’t included, you sometimes find yourself paying more? This is exactly the reason it’s imperative to get an understanding of what you’ll be getting with each session before picking a studio. Using mid-to-high range recording studios may seem more expensive on the surface, but it’s often a better financial option in the long run. The cost of studio time can range from as low as $30 an hour to over $150 an hour. But, remember that factors like the type of studio, the equipment available, and the experience level of the engineer all affect the hourly price. 

 At Bay Eight, we offer a range of hourly rates depending on the studio you book. Our Whisper Room is $85 an hour to book, our Apollo Room is $105 an hour, and our SSL Room is $115 an hour. In order to get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll spend, it’s important to carefully consider how much time you need in the studio. This calculation depends on a number of factors that are specific to you, like whether you’re collaborating with other musicians, and if you’ll be needing additional amenities. With that said, we recommend booking for a minimum of four hours for your first session. Bay Eight occasionally offers discounts and deals via our mailing list, so be sure to join for a chance to use our state-of-the art studio at discount-studio prices!  

What Is Included?

Studio time at Bay Eight includes the services of one of our house engineers for the duration of your session. All of our studios feature state-of-the-art equipment, including the beloved Neuman U87. For all the gear heads out there, check out these listings of our featured equipment in each studio: the Apollo Room, the Whisper Room, and the SSL Room. Before you book  studio time, it’s always best to inquire about what’s included in the hourly rate. Some studios don’t include the cost of an engineer in the sticker price, but you absolutely do need an audio engineer. Beware that some of the lower priced studios you come across are just being “creative” with the way they advertise their cost. 

Extra Amenities 

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In order to serve the diverse range of artists that come through our studio, we offer a vast number of amenities. In terms of personnel, we can arrange for session musicians, songwriting services, etc. Here is a breakdown of the most common personnel services: 

  • Expert Senior Engineer – $30/hr 
  • Session Musician – $50/hr+  
  • Production Services – $50/hr+  
  • Songwriting Services – $50/hr+  

We also offer a wide range of additional equipment. The Sony C800G is available to rent at a flat rate of $125 per session. Additionally, we have a library of specialty microphones that are available upon request. Finally, we have video recording services available: 

  •  4k Music Video –  $750+ (5 Hrs)
  •  4k Studio Vlog – $500 (3 Hrs)

If you’re interested in these additional services (or have some requests of your own) we’re happy to provide more information. As you can see, we can accommodate a wide range of needs. 

What the Engineer Delivers

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At Bay Eight, our senior engineers are those with over 5 years of experience working with major label and mainstream artists. They are especially equipped to offer guidance through the recording process. They are also familiar with a wider range of recording techniques and can offer a better and more efficient recording experience. With that said, all of our engineers are very qualified. This is one of the advantages of booking mid-to-high range studios; a more efficient engineer means you’ll ultimately spend less.

Engineers know how to get the best sound out of the equipment you’ll be using studio. Ultimately, recording in a professional studio is an investment. This investment can be recuperated in not just a better-sounding final product, but also in the networking opportunity. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to say you shared an audio engineer with the likes of J Balvin. 

Researching and Comparing Studios

To make sure you’re getting the best value, it’s essential to do some research before you book a studio session.  Consider asking for recommendations from other musicians. Also, look for a studio that aligns with your specific needs and preferences if you can. A great studio experience includes the time you spend recording, but also the atmosphere and environment of the studio itself.

Mid-high range studios typically have a greater range of professional equipment available. This will include high-end microphones such as U87s, Neve Preamps, and API 512’s, which are known for their exceptional sound quality. Don’t be fooled by equipment replicas; these will not produce the same sound as the original equipment. The equipment and expertise of the studio you choose can greatly impact the final sound of your music. What’s the point of paying for studio time if you can’t get a guarantee on sound quality? 


While we are a business, we are passionate about making the recording studio experience available to indie artists. We hope you feel a little bit less intimidated by the though of recording in a professional music studio. If you’re in Miami, don’t be afraid to give us a call. Also, don’t forget to join our mailing list, as we often offer discounts on studio time. We know this can make a huge difference to many of you. For tips on how to prepare for your first studio session, check out this article. 



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