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Audiobook recording service by Bay Eight Studios

Stem Mastering

Sound Precision Perfected

In stem mastering, the engineer works with the stems of a song rather than the final stereo mix. This allows for more flexibility and control over the elements of the song for targeted and precise adjustments.

Stem mastering can be helpful when the mix requires more significant corrective or creative changes or when specific elements need to be emphasized or controlled. For example, if the vocals are too quiet in the mix, the mastering engineer can adjust the stem for the vocals without affecting the other tracks.

Audiobook recording service by Bay Eight Studios

Stereo Mastering

Sonic Excellence

In 2-track mastering, the engineer works with the final stereo mix of a song or album. This option is most suitable when the mix is well-balanced, and the individual tracks do not require significant adjustments.

2-track mastering focuses on refining the sound and enhancing the mix’s balance, loudness, and consistency. It is a more straightforward and efficient process involving working with the already mixed stereo file.


When should I master my song?

You should consider mastering your song when your final mix is complete, and a pre-master has been created for your final mix. This means that there are no changes left to make to your mix.

What is a pre-master?

A premaster is the final mixed version of your song that is exported in a specific format for mastering. To get the best mastering quality, we recommend that a final mixed premaster is exported as a bit rate and depth of no less than 16 bit 44.1 kHz, a master volume output of -3 dB, no more than -10 dB, and no processing on the mix bus or master fader. This means removing compression, EQ, wideness, limiting, and dither processing.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Simply put, mixing is about combining and balancing individual tracks to create a cohesive and enhanced mix. Mastering is the final step to polish the mixed tracks and make them sound consistent, professional, and ready for distribution. Both processes require technical expertise and artistic decisions for a professional and impactful final result.

What are stems?

Stems are groups of individual tracks in your session with or without effects. Stems are also referred to as Dry or Wet.

Dry stems are the individual tracks exported with no effects and processing.

Wet stems are tracks exported with effects and processing such as reverb, delay, compression, and other processing.

Do you offer any package deals or discounts for multiple songs or albums?

Yes, we do! It all depends on the specifics of your needs for your project. Contact our front desk at 305-705-2405 for more information.


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