Bay Eight is a Staple in Miami’s Music Culture & a Worldwide Influence

Of all the recording studios in Miami, only a few, like Bay Eight, have historically impacted the music industry. This iconic recording facility is rich in history and has a record for producing armloads of awards and chart-topping hits.

The Timeline

2000 The Beginning

Born at the turn of the century, Bay Eight Recording Studios, formerly known as Midnight Blue Studios, was founded by Grammy-award-winning producer and hit-maker Fabio’ Estefano’ Salgado.
Salgado was a colossal figure in the music scene during the turning point of Latin American crossover, producing platinum-selling albums.

2007 The Grammy’s

Midnight Blue gained popularity between the years 2001 and 2007 as a recording facility responsible for numerous Billboard number-one hits that dominated the Latin music scene. The studio was highly recognized for Grammy award winners like “Cree en Nuestro Amor” and “Sentir” by Jon Secada,

2008 The Transfer

In 2008, Bigram John Zayas, also known as DVLP, a record producer and songwriter from New York City (Eminem, J Balvin Lil Wayne), and Grammy Award-winning hip-hop producer and three-time DJ World Champion Marco “Infamous” Rodriguez-Diaz took over the facility.

2012 The Split

After a split, four years later in 2012, Infamous would reclaim the facility on his own, this time using the entire space as his personal production studio.

With his extensive list of high-profile clientele credits and accolades, Infamous would use the studio to produce his A-list celebrity comrades.

Lil Wayne and Infamous worked very closely during this era.