Home Recordings vs Professional Studios: The Equipment Debate

by | Jan 25, 2023

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Home Recordings vs Professional Studios: The Equipment Debate.

In this article, I will be comparing Home Recordings to Professional Studios. Today I’ll prove why home recordings are not going to be able to compete with recording studios. Achieving quality audio recordings is impossible without the proper measures taken in a home in comparison to a recording studio.
As a musician/audio engineer, plenty of individuals claim that home recordings can be done perfectly and that the need for recording studios is disappearing. While home recording may be convenient it will never match recording studios. iPhones do not have the proper technology or microphones in order to record music at home. The best option for recording vocals is to go to a local recording studio. Additionally, local recording studios have perfect conditions for you to record in and will offer the best for your sound.
A key factor in achieving high-quality recordings is the use of an acoustically-treated room. This controls the sound reflections and absorption in the room. Improving the overall sound quality. Without an acoustically treated room, the sound of the recording will be affected by unwanted noise. Leading to your recordings sounding unprofessional. In addition to the room acoustics, using a high-quality microphone is crucial for capturing the best sound.

Professional Recording Studio Microphone

The U87 is a classic choice for professional recording studios. It offers superior sound quality and versatility. The U87 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that is known for its smooth and natural sound. This microphone is perfect for vocals, instruments,

and drums. While it is possible to make music on devices like iPhones using programs like Garageband. The overall quality will not match that of a professional recording studio like Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami. The microphone in an iPhone is terribly designed for professional recording and will not capture the same level of detail and clarity as a high-quality microphone like the U87. By recording yourself through an iPhone, you will hear a noticeable difference between the U87 and yourself.

Additionally, the sound quality will be affected by background noise, such as the AC running or a dog barking. A professional recording studio like Bay Eight offers a controlled space and high-quality equipment like the TubeTech CL-1B, Sony C800, and Neuman U87. Professional recording artists and producers commonly use these pieces of equipment. Known for their warmth, natural and clear sound. It makes them ideal for a wide range of recording applications.
A recording studio provides a controlled environment that minimizes background noise, such as the AC running or a dog barking. It also provides the best equipment for capturing the best sound possible. Furthermore, if you want to truly hear the best version of yourself, you need to go to a professional recording studio. Professional recording studios are the best places to have your voice recorded for its optimal sound. This gives you the power to sound like a professional in comparison to other amateur artists.
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