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Voiceover / ADR

A highly trusted post audio facility

Custom-built acoustically treated studios deliver a rich and clear sound. Aside from critical listening, file management, and microphone techniques, our studios are designed for voiceover and ADR with matched screen capabilities. Pickups recorded in our studios will be audibly seamless.

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Audiobook recording service by Bay Eight Studios

Audiobook Recording

Immerse Yourself in Comfort

Our Miami audiobook studios are located in a cozy and warm environment, perfect for short sessions or long recording days. Controllable mood lighting ensures our clients can set the tone for their session experience. We take great care to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy during your time with us. We offer world-class service and keep you and your guests fueled and relaxed,

Audiobook recording service by Bay Eight Studios

Voiceover & ADR

From Script to Seamless Sound

We take every VO and ADR project with the utmost pride, attention, and detail. We know that efficiency is key, so our staff is committed to upholding the recording process in a timely and efficient manner while keeping voiceover talent engaged and focused on the project goals. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your voiceover or ADR recording is of the highest quality.

Audiobook recording service by Bay Eight Studios

Remote Solutions

Remote Connections Between Talent and Directors

We provide remote solutions, including Zoom, Phone Patch, Audiomovers, Session Link, and more, for remote connections between talent, directors, and supervisors worldwide. Please inquire about our seamless connection capabilities and run sessions from any location.

Audiobook recording service by Bay Eight Studios

Post Production

Crafting Narratives, One Voice at a Time

Your audiobook or voiceover is more than just words. Our team has the expertise, experience, and equipment to deliver top-notch post-production. We’ll work with you to create a sound that meets your needs and goals. Pricing is tailored to each project. Please get in touch with us for more details.


How do I calculate how long my audiobook will be?

Dividing the word count by 9,000 will give you an estimate of the final running time of the book. For example, a 50,000-word manuscript (200 book pages) will be roughly 5.5 hours of finished audio.

How long does it take to record an audiobook?

An experienced and professional narrator records close to a 2:1 ratio. This would mean that for every 2 hours they spend recording, 1 hour of audio will be used. Authors or newer narrators typically record at a 3:1 ratio, extending the recording time.

How long does it take to produce an audiobook fully?

On average, audiobooks are recorded over 3-6 sessions but could vary based on the book’s length and the author’s stamina. The process of fully editing, proofing, and mastering your audio typically takes 1-2 weeks. We can deliver a retail-ready audiobook within 1-2 months from booking your sessions.

Do you help with publishing audiobooks?

Not at the moment, but it is a service we will be offering soon! Stay tuned.

Do you offer narrators?

No, we do not offer the narration services at this time.

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