Studio Grind Video Series

by | May 18, 2023

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Bay Eight’s: “Studio Grind”


Intro to “Studio Grind”:

Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami is excited to announce the launch of its new video series,  “Studio Grind.” This unique series will explore the work dynamic and chemistry between musicians and their engineers, showcasing their perspectives and experiences. Its first episode features Matthew “Formatt” DeFreitas and the upcoming Miami Rapper Prospectt. The series is directed, filmed, and produced by Clark Martin Jean-Gilles. Additionally, the content Bay Eight will feature is exclusive to the studio. In this article, we will introduce the series!

Check out the First Episode Below!


About this Series

Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami is proud to announce the launch of  “Studio Grind.” The series will feature different engineers, and artists, as the detailed relationship between engineers and artists is explored. Furthermore, “Studio Grind” dives into the creative process behind music production. Additionally, viewers will gain insight into the use of technology in the creative process and how artists and engineers enhance their work. This will offer an in-depth understanding of the technology used in modern music production, showcasing the software and hardware used by engineers and artists.

What will You Get From This Series:

Firstly, the series is to be an essential resource for music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Additionally, it will offer a unique perspective into the creative process, providing valuable insights into musicians’ and engineers’ work. Furthermore, by exploring the work dynamic and chemistry between engineers and artists, “Studio Grind” will give an engaging look at the world of music production, songwriting, audio mixing, and song mastering. The series will also showcase the technical aspects of music production. This will give viewers a comprehensive understanding of the creative and technical aspects of a polished mastered, radio-ready song.

Formatt (Engineer), Prospectt in background, (Musicians) in "Studio Grind"


Conclusion for Studio Grind:

In conclusion, this video series will offer a look for beginner bedroom musicians to professional recording artists signed to major record labels. This series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creative music process at the base level. Formatt’s “Studio Grind”  promises to be an engaging look at the world of music-making. Furthermore, we are eagerly anticipating the release of future episodes from A-list celebrities, Offset, J. Balvin, Diplo, Major Lazer, and Willow in this exciting new series. Stay tuned for updates on the relationship between musicians and audio engineers.

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