Sony C800G: The Secret Weapon of Miami’s Top Recording Studio

by | Jan 22, 2024

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Drake, Mariah Carey, and Ozzy Osbourne may dominate separate parts of the music industry, but they’ve all relied on one of the same tools to do so: the Sony C800G. Since its introduction in 1992, the Sony C800G has remained one of the most sought after microphones. Is it all hype, or does this $11,000 microphone merit its reputation? Let’s talk about it. 

Rappers: Joey Bada$$ with Sony C800G

Why Artists Love the Sony C800G 

It’s not just hip-hop artists who appreciate the Sony C800G. Rock artists like David Gilmour of Pink Floyd have also been known to use this microphone in their recordings. Nevertheless, the Sony C800G seems to be especially loved by rappers. Hip-hop’s lyrical emphasis is arguably one of the reasons for this. The Sony C800G excels in providing extreme clarity and brightness, it has the ability to capture every detail of a rapper’s voice, and preserve the lyrical integrity of their recording. 

At Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami, the Sony C800G is one of our most requested microphones. It has become an industry standards due its high quality and widespread use. As a matter of fact, Usher used the mic when he recorded at our studios! If you’re interested in renting the C800G for your next studio session, we have details about the cost of all of our amenities here

Drake C800G

Why Engineers Love the Sony C800G 

When it comes to recording vocals in a recording studio setting, the most important tool in an engineer’s arsenal is the microphone. The Sony C800G boasts a bright sound with extreme clarity. It is  a large diaphragm condenser microphone, which means it will capture sound with a high level of accuracy and detail. This allows for vocals that better fit into mixes, with no EQ required

The Sony C800G has the ability to capture the full clarity of someone’s voice. It will pick up subtle nuances of a singer’s voice that might be missed by other microphones. This makes it a versatile tool for a variety of musical genres. The microphone’s warm tubes and exterior power source also adds warmth to voices. This creates presence and uniqueness from the sound produced through the microphone. The level of detail is what makes the Sony C800G such a popular choice among recording engineers.

Is The Sony C800G Just a Status Symbol? 

The Sony C800G is arguably the Rolls Royce of microphones. For all of its great qualities, this microphone is solely a status symbol for some artists, an indication that they’ve reached a certain level in their career. Recording studios scrambled to find existing models after the Sony C800G was discontinued. Pricing soared as a result, with microphones initially selling from $5-7K. Today, these mics are even rarer, selling at prices upwards of $25K.The Sony C800G is so well-known that many artists specifically request it. However, there is no microphone that is perfect for every context. Some people don’t care for the Sony C800G’s brightness, and it is not complementary of every artists’ voice. 

It’s important to remember that a microphone is just one part of the recording processEven the best microphone won’t make up for poor technique or a lackluster performance. Nevertheless, we definitely recommend experimenting with the Sony C800G, especially if you’re a rap artist. If you’re new to studio recording, it’s not a bad idea to spend some time with your engineer finding the best mic for your voice. This is why we have a wide variety of mics available for our artists.

Rihanna Sony C800G


As with everything beloved, there are many critics of the Sony C800G. While its worth considering that many of the most successful artists of the past few decades have used this microphone, this isn’t everything. The best way to decide if this microphone is a worthy investment for you is to come down to the studio and try it out yourself. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 


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