5 Ways to Gain Exposure as An Indie Artist

by | Jan 23, 2024

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We know that getting exposure as an indie artist is much easier said than done. There is no linear path towards becoming an artist, so it’s perfectly understandable to question what difference your efforts are making. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to garner results, even if your rise to stardom isn’t as quick and seamless as you’d imagined. These tips are guaranteed to help you grow your audience in 2024.

Commit to Improving Your Craft

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There’s no need to wait until you’ve figured it all out to begin your journey as an artist. However, committing to constant improvement can only help your career. Produce the highest quality content you can with the resources you have, even as you keep striving for something better. If you’ve never had your music mixed and mastered, consider saving for this on your next project. If you don’t feel confident in your songwriting skills, try out some prompts to help you practice. Exposure can only get you so far if you aren’t growing as an artist and being consistent with your efforts.

Perform Live

Live performance is an invaluable way of connecting with potential fans, fellow musicians, and people who work in the music industry. If you’re in Miami, we recommend checking out Tea & Poets Events open mics. Wherever you live, finding a few open mics to attend regularly will help you get to know people involved in your local music scene. Open mics are great practice for paid gigs, and the connections you establish can even help you book your first ones.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Let’s be honest, a lot of us have a love / hate relationship with social media these days. But if establishing yourself as an indie artist is a priority to you, it’s best to embrace it. Posting covers is a great way to help potential fans find you. It’s also the way major artists like Justin Bieber and Halsey got their start, so it’s certainly worth a try.

Consider doing covers of songs that are currently at the top of the charts, even if pop music isn’t your go-to genre. Also, keep track of social media trends and see which ones you’re interested in participating in. Tik Tok’s Explore page is a good place to find relevant trends like the riff challenge, and even non-music related ones, like the Roman Empire trend can bring people to your page.

When people do engage with your content, be sure to respond, even if it’s just the same three people. Your early fans are often the most dedicated when it comes to helping spread the word about your music.

Make Music Videos

With over 2 billion users, Youtube is a great platform for indie artists looking to build an audience. While it’s a great place for people to find new music, Youtube is largely a visual medium. This means that music videos tend to do better than songs without visuals. Even if your budget is nearly nonexistent, you can create cheap music videos to give people a sense of your vision and artistry. The new Youtube algorithm is focused on quality over quantity, meaning there is a chance to gain a great deal of exposure through just a few well-crafted music videos.

Collaborate with Other Artists

Working with other artists is mutually beneficial, as you can introduce each other to your respective followings. It’s also a great opportunity to get exposure to different musical approaches and venture out from your usual genres. With other artists, you can make music you never would have made on your own. Not only do you get to expand your musical circle, you also have someone to share the responsibility of promotion with.  


Gaining exposure as an independent musician requires a combination of talent, dedication, and luck. While we know the nature of the industry can be discouraging at times, remember that your efforts will lead to future opportunities and your growth as a musician.

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