Looking To Intern At A Major Recording Studio?

by | Sep 10, 2020

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Looking To Intern At A Major Recording Studio? Bay Eight Has Some Tips For You

Are you ready for some free game? Great, pull up a chair and pay attention!

Often times, when we think of our dream job, we skip right past the brute workload. Don’t jump feet first into daydreaming about the view from the top of the food chain, or in this case the top of the charts.

There’s nothing wrong with a little ambition. So we’re here to provide you with some insider tips directly from the owner of Bay Eight recording studios, that will ensure you get and keep that position you’re coveting. 

Tip 1: Create a standout resume! 

“With so many applicants I often shuffle through resumes seeking the best candidates. Those who cant catch my attention just don’t get a reply.”- Matt, Owner of Bay Eight

Make it a point to create a resume that reflects the skills and qualifications you possess as it relates to the job you’re applying for. If you’ve had eight jobs in the last 5 years and only three of them relate to the industry you’re applying for, curtail your listed job experience to reflect what the job requires. Be sure to have someone proofread your resume. Grammatical errors reflect poorly on your application and your resume is the first thing the hiring manager will see as a representation of you.

Tip 2: If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re early, you’re on time.

 “Don’t be late! For me, if your late then you don’t have a chance at all.” – Matt, Owner of Bay Eight

Make it a priority to arrive at your interview on time. Recording studios are a business that thrive on hourly bookings. Punctuality is a must here. An artist may show up late, but it is unacceptable for the staff to do so. An intern or engineer who makes a habit of being tardy will likely find themselves unemployed.

Tip 3: Your internship does not come with a plus one.

“Skip the extras!”- Matt, Owner of Bay Eight

 We get that you’re excited about your new opportunity, but it is never an intern’s place to invite friends or family to the studio as guests. 

Tip 4: We love that you love music, we just don’t care to hear about yours.

“ Make sure you interview for the career and not as a musician!” Matt, Owner of Bay Eight

A big mistake most applicants make when applying for an internship at a recording studio is discussing their music. Naturally, we aim to hire those who are passionate about music, however an interview for a position as an intern is not the time or place to mention your mixtape. We simply do not care. No studio owner wants an aspiring musician ruining the comfortability the studio offers in an attempt to snuggle up to clients and push their music. Major artists come to the studio for privacy, professionalism, and exclusivity.

Tip 5: Be Honest

“ Internships are a test to your commitment. They are often grueling and demand your full attention”

How you proceed within the limits of your short term employment can have a long term impact on your career. No internship is glamorous. You will be asked to clean studio rooms, you will be asked to fetch refreshments for clients, you will be asked to stay late. Be upfront about your availability and willingness to accommodate the demands of the studio. Those who say anything to get their foot in the door don’t last long in a field as demanding as this.

Tip 6:

“ Be Aware of Your Body Language”

Working in an industry that tailors to client comfortability and satisfaction is not for everyone. No matter how cool you think it would be to work in a setting that puts you in the same building as your favorite artist, customer service still stands.  The highest-rated engineers possess the character to control and maintain the vibe of a studio session. Overconfidence is a turnoff and a lack of confidence is disparaging. 

All in all, A recording studio is a service-oriented business. Our interns are encouraged to foster the technological savvy to man equipment, the social skills to mesh with an array of client personalities, all while respecting the responsibility of maintaining the space.  Good luck on your journey!

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