Why Recording Studio Interns Should Never Say No

by | Sep 22, 2020

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As of late, we’ve noticed an unfortunately common theme in the realm of recording studio internships. Too much no and not nearly enough yes.

If you’re like most of the interns that have crossed the burning sands of Bay Eight Studios, your resume might boast certifications from SAE or Full Sail. That education costs money, and oftentimes comes with a hefty debt. As an intern, you earn your keep by being steadfast, a quick study, and most importantly, reliable!

Interning at a major recording studio is how one proves themselves worthy of a paid full-time position. You’ve chosen to work in an industry that is heavily saturated with hundreds if not thousands of competitors, and EVERYONE wants to be the next big name!

Turning down opportunities is counterproductive to your career trajectory. Yes, we said career. Though what we do as engineers is a job, it’s not a traditional job. Non-traditional in the sense that no one day is the same. Those of us who don’t make finding a rhythm within the ever-changing work scape a priority, are easily left behind with little to no consistent bookings.

The candidate who makes it point to say yes to extra work assignments will rise to the top much faster than the candidate whose technical skills are more refined. A head engineer can train a lesser skilled counterpart, and provide them with the knowledge needed to succeed. It’s much harder to do so when an engineer in training isn’t available.

Recording Studio Intern Art

Remember a good audio engineer is like a good barber. No one likes chair hopping, and as creatures of habit, a client is likely to request the same engineer for every session. So, don’t miss out on being the go-to for an artist by turning away work.

Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” He had it partially right. In this industry, we make our own luck, and a critical component of that alchemy is action. 

So if you remember nothing, remember this; Success is when opportunity meets preparation and action.

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