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Bay Eight consistently delivers the fastest internet speeds so that you can send and receive your files, browse the internet and get your music quickly and easily. Log onto our network with the following credentials.

NETWORK: BayEightGuest

PASSCODE: surftheweb

IMPORTANT: We are not responsible for your session files, please request your engineer to make time for your files to be sent during your session or purchase an external hard drive at our front desk. (See our FAQ’s section below for more information)


We pride ourselves on our hospitality and strongly believe that the atmosphere you create has a direct correlation to your mood. Therefore, it has an incredible impact on your music. 

Whether you’re craving a tasty pick me up with coffee, especially roasted to move your senses, or a soothing warm herbal tea. If it gets too warm or chilly, or if you need to extend your studio session, we’re here to make your stay at Bay Eight, a memorable one.


iMessage: [email protected] 

WhatsApp: 305-705-2405 

Call: 305-705-2405


Enjoy our delicious complimentary Coffee and Tea located in our front lobby!

Tea – Black, Mint, Green, Chamomile

CoffeeAmericano, Expresso, Cappuccino, Latte

Milk Half & Half,  Snickers Creamer, Almond & Oat Milk

Sweeteners White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Organic Honey, Splenda & Agave

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Bay Eight Foodies, we know big sessions make way for big hunger. Because we love the diverse food our city has to offer we have listed some of North Miami’s best local food and restaurants. All of our staff picks are available on Uber Eats and Grub Hub. Just type in Bay Eight Recording Studios as your food destination.


– Sushi Sake

Burgers – LA Birra Bar 

Caribbean – Fat Boyz Wings and Tings

Coffee & Empanadas – CAO Bakery & Cafe

Cuban  – Little Havana Restaurant

Haitian – Griot 305

Healthy –  Bolay (Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly)

Mediterranean – Rice House

Mexican – Cheen Huaye

Pizza and Wings – 1000 Degrees Pizzeria

Smoothies – Smoothie Spot

Salads – Just Salads

Tacos – Taco Box  

Thai – Thai House II Restaurant

Late Night Eats: Moshi Moshi

Late Night Eats: Steve’s Pizza

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Our goal at Bay Eight is to provide you with the most unique, high-quality recording experience ever. In order for us to assure convenience and accessibility to all of our clients, it is important that all guests adhere to our recording studio policies.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made after the 24-hour deadline will result in a cancellation fee equal to the total amount of the scheduled studio time or a forfeit of deposit/prepayment.


RESCHEDULING POLICY: You are only allowed to reschedule your session one time. Rescheduled sessions after the initial change will result in the forfeit of deposit/prepayment. Any changes made after the 24-hour deadline will result in a cancellation fee equal to the total amount of the scheduled studio time or a forfeit of deposit/prepayment.


MISSED APPOINTMENT POLICY: A “missed appointment” is an occurrence where someone does not show up for an appointment and does not cancel the appointment in advance of the scheduled date and time.  If you do not show up for your appointment and you do not cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance, we will record this as a “missed appointment” and will result in a missed appointment fee equal to the total amount of the scheduled studio time or a forfeit of deposit/prepayment.


PAYMENTS AND FEES: We accept major label PO’S, cash, wire transfers, and credit card/debit cards. There is a 4% processing fee when accepting credit card payments, and a $15.00 wire transfer fee.


DEPOSITS: A deposit of one-half 50% is required to reserve your scheduled session. The remaining balance is due upon arrival before the start of your session. Payees must provide a valid photo ID along with the credit card used for payment upon arrival. The ID must match the name on the card used for deposit/balance payments. If the person who made the payment is not in attendance or does not have an ID, your deposit will be forfeited unless an alternative method of payment is provided.


YOUR SESSION: Please arrive on time for your session as we do not push sessions back for tardiness. If you show up to your session late you will still be charged for the full-time scheduled.


YOUR GUESTS: There is a maximum of 5 guests allowed per session in our facility. There are no children or pets allowed in our facility. We will provide you with a guest list to fill out when you arrive. Any additional guests will be asked to leave the facility.


YOUR FILES: We are not responsible for your session files, please request your engineer to make time for your files to be sent during your booked time or bring an external hard drive to the session. An $85 fee is required for future session/song transfers beyond booked time.


Studio Add-ons are additional services that can be added to your hourly studio rental at a premium rate. We currently offer the following.


Sony C800G (flat-rate) – The Sony C-800G is the most sought-after microphone in the industry. Used by artists like Kayne West, Travis Scott, Drake, Joss Stone Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, J Lo, Dr. Dre, and many more. This iconic microphone is known for its crisp, pristine impeccable sound quality. After being discontinued, gaining access to this incredible piece of recording equipment became next-to-impossible, until Bay Eight Recording Studios acquired one.


Senior Engineer (billed per hour) – Senior Engineers are seasoned engineers with years of experience under their belt. Many have acquired a unique set of skills that are only earned by the countless hours they have put in behind the boards. Our senior engineers are mix engineers, executive producers, vocal arrangers, and editors. These veteran engineers have worked alongside megastars, and independent musicians, and know exactly what is required from both.


Vocal Tuning & Editing (billed per hour) – Vocal Tuning is an art and requires a skilled experienced professional to craft a vocal performance to perfection. We use tools like Melodyne and autotune to ensure that vocals are in perfect harmony and rhythm with one another.


Vocal Arranging  (billed per hour) – Vocal arrangement can be described as the way you sing your song. Not necessarily the words that you sing but the way you sing them. A certain line may sound better when sung in your falsetto voice as opposed to your chest voice. We offer vocal arrangement services provided by our senior engineers at a premium hourly rate.


Producer (billed per hour)We offer full music production services by cultivating or curating music from scratch. If you have a concept in your head we can make that concept a reality. Our producers specialize in producing and beat-making across all genres while providing professional guidance.


Session Musician (billed per hour) – Session musicians are expert studio players who are hired on a short-term basis to record backing tracks for recording artists. Session musicians write and perform music in your recording session as you desire.

If you want to maximize your studio session please inquire about our Studio Add-Ons.


 T-Shirts – $25.00

Trucker Hat  – $30.00

Hoodies – $50.00

500GB External SSD Hard Drives – $100.00

Lighters – $1.00


What files will I receive after my session?

Your engineer will send an mp3 of your song at the end of your session.

How can I receive my files?

You will receive your files via email. We can also transfer your files to a hard drive.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is a process by which multiple sounds (The Recording) are combined into one or more channels, polished and enhanced.

Mastering is the final process before a song is commercially released. The purpose is to balance sonic elements of a mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Getting your song mastered means that your song has met the standards of what major commercial records sound like.

What is a pre-master?

A premaster is the final mixed version of your song that is exported in a specific format for mastering. To get the best mastering quality we recommend that a final mixed premaster is exported as a bit rate and depth no less than 16 bit 44.1kHz, a master volume output of -3db, no more than -10db, and no processing on the mix bus or master fader. This means removing processing such as compression, eq, wideness, limiting, and dither.

When should I master my song?

You should consider mastering your song when your final mix is complete and a premaster has been created for your final mix… Meaning that there are no changes left to make on your mix.

What happens if I don’t take my session with me?

If you do not take our session after your session you are leaving yourself at risk. We highly recommend taking your session with you after your session. If you don’t we do change a file transfer fee of $85 to send sessions.

Do you save my session on your computer?

Yes we do but we are not a file storage service, we are a recording studio. Although we do keep our client’s sessions on our hard drives things can happen. Hard drives fail and things can go wrong. So we highly recommend taking your season files with you after your session. It’s your property, not ours.

Why do you end my session 15 minutes early?

We end our sessions 15 minutes early to export and email your files.

What are stems?

Exports of each individual track in your session with effects or without effects. Stem are also referred to as Dry or Wet. Dry Stems are the individual tracks exported with no effects and processing. Wet Stems are tracks exported with effects and processing such as reverb, delay, compression, and other processing.

What happens if I cancel my session?

If you cancel your session 24 hours before your session we will hold your deposit for a later date. You can only reschedule your session one time. If you cancel your session after the 24-hour cancellation deadline we keep the deposit.

What happens if I’m late for my session?

We do not push sessions back for tardiness.