Getting to Know The Client

by | Jan 12, 2021

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Know Your Client

There’s no doubt that studios encounter their fair share of artists from all parts of the world with different personalities. Nevertheless, these differences make them who they are. It’s essential to learn these characteristics as it shows that you value them as a client, but more importantly, you take notice of how to accommodate them throughout their session.

Make The First Impression The Best Impression

Before making magic and finding that connection in the studio, let’s zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture. The initial impression of “Woah.” a client starts from the first conversation. When they call to find out rates and services, take that opportunity to slow down the conversation and ask them their name or artist name. You can even go as far as asking what kind of music they produce? That lets them know you want to address them professionally and that you’re genuinely interested in the music they create. Believe it or not, it goes a long way and sets the tone if they decide to book a session.

Ask Questions

Back in the studio is where getting to know your client will take you to the next level as an engineer. To fill the room with good energy, read your client. Nothing starts a great conversation like an open-ended question as simple as “How’s your day going?” or better yet, “What vibe do we plan to achieve today?. That lets you know where their headspace is and what goals they plan to accomplish within that session. Sometimes guidance is needed, so figuring out what they want takes getting to know your client. It’ll ensure a smooth and easy session with a lasting impression on the artist.

Provide 5-Star Service

Customer service goes a long way because it secures your reputation to provide good customer relations. Going the extra mile and remembering that they like their tea with honey instead of sugar will build lasting relationships. People like to feel welcomed and invited, and if you can provide an environment where inclusivity and creativity thrive, clients are bound to return. It’s like checking into your favorite 5-star hotel and them knowing your name and your favorite towel animal. Nothing beats those special touches, so get to know your clients—you never know what you can learn from each other.

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