A Letter from the Founder

by | Nov 21, 2023

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Hello Bay Eight Family,

I am excited to announce the launch of our first-ever music licensing company, BE Music, located in Miami, FL. We are a passionate team fully immersed in emerging trends and culture, obsessed with exposing the world to bold and captivating music.

I started BE Music from a simple yet powerful concept: relationships. As an audio engineer with over a decade of experience, I’ve developed strong connections with the many musicians I’ve worked with. After opening Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami, my network grew even larger, and I became a trusted figure in the music industry. 

Over time, I realized how often A&Rs, film companies, and ad agencies would ask if I had music for their projects; and I did. I knew talented musicians and had access to thousands of songs. I found an opportunity to offer my clients more than just studio time and was in a great position to provide value for everyone in my network.

After discovering this niche, I dove in head first. I spent months researching the music licensing industry to prepare for my introduction. I worked with music analysts and interviewed top executives at established sync companies to better understand this business. I knew I needed to bring something unique to the table.

Full of energy and excitement, I began the journey into the sync licensing industry. I hired a team of devoted music lovers and built the business from the ground up. Working for over a year to curate a library of high-quality songs, BE Music took its first steps.

My goal is to provide a landscape of sync licensing, which is yet to be fully developed in Miami. I look forward to creating more opportunities for creatives in the music community and giving back to an industry that has opened many doors for me. 

Thank you for your support and loyalty throughout the years, which have made this new endeavor possible. 




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