Get your music mixed by some of the best mix engineers in Miami without leaving your home. We provide Mixing services at our facility with or without you in attendance. Our rooms are designed for mixing with the highest levels of acoustic performance, our consoles are calibrated regularly and our speakers tuned for the most accurate listening environment. Our Engineers are-as involved in or as transparent as they need to be. We use a blend of analog equipment and digital plugins to carve, mold, and enhance what is expected of a major release.

About Mixing

Mixing is the process by which multiple sounds (The Recording) are combined into one or more channels, polished and enhanced.

The Mixing Process

  1. Balancing the volume of audio on each track
  2. Enhancing and polishing the vocal or instrument of each track
  3. Arranging vocals or instruments to convey the desired emotion
  4. Creating space by panning and modulating the vocal or instruments on each track
  5. Adding reverb, delays, eq and other tools help to enhance the mix quality