Miami Mastering Services! Our clients enjoy the affordable convenience of having their songs mixed and mastered at the same facility they have trusted over and over. Our rooms are stocked with the most popular digital mastering plugins and software allowing our Miami mastering engineers to achieve the best results.

Mastering can be done with or without the client in attendance. Please inquire about mastering for full details.


Mastering is the final process before a song is commercially released. The purpose is to balance sonic elements of a mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Getting your song mastered means that your song has met the standards of what major commercial records sound like. Songs are mastered by a specific mastering engineer. Mastering engineers have years of experience and a highly trained ear. A mastering engineer’s goal is to enhance the song, making it crispy, clean, and clear while achieving standard volume, width, and depth.

The Benefits

  • Optimized for playback on all media (from phone speakers to stadiums)
  • Precise and detailed modifications to the audio for maximum quality
  • Boosted for maximum loudness while retaining optimum dynamic range
  • Professional sounding, polished audio

The Process

Step 1

Review– During the review process, our mastering engineer will be analyzing the final mix and making sure the audio is controlled and acceptable for mastering.


Step 2

Premastering – Premastering is a process by which a song is prepped for mastering. This process is usually done by a mix engineer. Here is what mastering engineers will need before they can complete their mastering

      • Export a stereo .wav or .aiff  file of your song already mixed. We will only be mastering the song so make sure the song sounds exactly how you want it to. Mastering is not mixing so if you don’t like something in your mix, address it before it goes to mastering. Mastering does not fix mixing it only enhances what is already in the mix.
      • Export with the same bit depth/ sample rate as your session. For example, if your session was recorded in 24 bit/ 44.1K then you need to export your premaster in the same bit rate and depth.
      • No plug-ins on the master track – Remove all compressors, limiters, and any other master bus processing. The mastering engineer will need space to do their thing so don’t hold them back.
      • Remove dither from master bus fader
      • Adjust your master output levels. In general, the song’s master fader meter should be peaking between -3 and -10db.

Step 3

Processing The processing phase is where the core of the magic happens. Engineers may apply multiband compression, EQ, compression, limiting, stereo imaging, excitement, saturation, and many more techniques so the song is polished and pushed to its maximum threshold before clipping occurs.

Step 4

Exporting – The final and most detailed stage of mastering is the exporting stage. During this phase mastering engineers focus on creating a secure, reliable manufacturing master, including PQ information, UPC/EAN codes, ISRCs, CD-Text.

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