Top 5 Mixing Studios in Miami: The Ultimate Guide 2023

by | Jul 13, 2023

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Top 5 Mixing Studios in Miami Ultimate Guide

Mixing Studios are some of the most competitive in Miami. With plenty of recording studios claiming the name, “the best mixes in Miami.” I’m going to break the myth. Delivering it to you at the source as to what are the best mixing studios in Miami. These studios have been founded by legendary mixing engineers with an extensive background in their craft and years of experience.

No.1 Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami: SSL Room

SSL Mixing StudioGear and Acoustics: The Heart of the Room

First on this list is the SSL Room at Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami. The world-class SSL Room was acoustically designed by legendary acoustician Ross Alexander. Equipped with custom Augsperger speakers, the bass response in the room is incredibly accurate as the room is able to ensure tight low-end, and clear high-end frequencies giving the most accurate mixing space in Miami.

The next highlight of this room is the Barefoot MicroMan 27 near-field speakers. The speakers themselves are known for their ability to reproduce an incredibly detailed sound with their strong aluminum housing. You can be sure they’ll push any frequency clearly like you have not heard before.

The final biggest feature of the SSL Room is the SSL AWS 900 mixing console. With 24 channels, E and G style EQ, there is no task this monstrous board can handle. Additionally, the board has an SSL bus compressor used for gluing your tracks at the end of your mix. With these three features of the room, you are guaranteed to have the best mix you have yet to hear.

Acoustics: The Soul of the SSL Mixing Studio

SSL Mixing Suite with back diffuser

The final highlight of the room is the diffusers and reflector panels that give the room its acoustic performance. In the back of the room, there is a hardwood flutter diffuser that allows the frequencies to reflect in a perfect balance giving the engineer the most accurate listening experience. Furthermore, the SSL room has a custom-built cloud panel that adds more to the acoustic tuning of the room. By diffusing and absorbing, this system allows only the frequencies and sounds necessary to resonate.

The space in the ceiling absorbs the unnecessary sound that may have reflected from the ceiling if the opening was not there. Additionally, the room’s recording booth has acoustic treatment of diffusers and fabric guaranteeing the best recording in the room. Lastly, with the acoustic treatment, analog gear, and use of the U87, Bay Eight has created the ultimate mixing suite.

SSL’s Legacy

Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami’s top mixes have come from this room. For example, one of Bay Eight’s best mixes went 6 times platinum on J Balvin’s Jose albumPlatinum sound paired with platinum audio engineers is rare. However, at Bay Eight recording studios you can get both. As the Cloud 9 mixing suite of Miami, the room is sure to give you the best mixes. But don’t just take my word for it. The owner of Bay Eight, Matthew “Formatt” DeFreitas was who commissioned the room to be of this tier.

Matthew “Formatt” DeFreitas was the best audio engineer in Miami with over 20 years of engineering. He built his popularity higher than the sky. Under the name “Formatt,” he became the king of Hip-Hop/Rap, and R&B street mixing. As someone who spends time at Bay Eight, plenty of individuals whose eyes widen when they hear that Formatt owns the studio. Their trust instantly goes into the studio knowing they are going to experience the best mixing/recording studio Miami has to offer.

Experienced artists still trust Formatt, and so should you! If you mention this article to Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami, they’ll honor $10 off your session when you call to book!

SSL Top 5 Mixing Studios

No.2 Hit Factory Criteria Studios

This list would not be complete without Hit Factory Criteria Studios. Hit Factory Criteria has been around for the last +65 years and produced several legendary hits. Starting with James Brown’s ‘I Got You (I Feel Good),’ and ‘Layla’ by Derrick & The Dominoes, the recording studio has mixed many hits. Leaving its impact on the industry, the recording studio has created one of the best mixing studios in its history. Moreover, an SSL 9096 J series console paired with custom Augsperger speakers, is considered to be one of the best mixing studios in Miami. With enough room to fit a 72-piece orchestra the legendary mixing studio is a force for the big names of the industry. Additionally, the studio has great acoustic treatment specifically designed for mixing and live performance.

Their Studio D recently installed an SSL Origin mixing console in 2022 to allow more mixing for more rooms. With all of their rooms relying on analog gear like SSL 9000 J series, and Neve 8088, all paired with custom wall-mounted Augspergers will allow anyone to get the best mix out of their song.


No.3 Circle House Studios: Pharell’s Favorite Mixing Studio

Founded in the mid-90s Circle House Studios was opened by Ian Lewis who was a member of the reggae band Inner Circle. The studio has been in business for almost 30 years and has been home to one of the best mixing studios in Miami. With a pool, outdoor patio, and other amenities the recording facility is highly sought out by recording artists. Additionally, having recorded major hits like ‘Bay Boys’ from the show Cops and “Happy” by Pharell Williams, the recording studio has an extensive history of producing chart-topping, commercial hits.

The gear within the studio is worth noting as well. Having Genelec sub-woofers help produce the hits with clarity. The studio also shows images of Yamaha HS7s for reference. With the balance of these speakers, the studio is able to get the most out of their sound. Furthermore, this space is Pharell and Miley Cyrus’ favorite mixing space. According to Charles Wakemen, head engineer of Circle House Studios 2012, Cyrus and Pharell loved how they had an SSL hybrid analog and digital console.

Circle House Recording StudiosNo.4 Noisematch Recording Studios 

Noisematch is a newer studio in comparison to the other recording studios. But just because they’re new does mean their services are any less than the other studios on this list. Noisematch Studios was opened in 2011 by Alex J. The studio has recorded several hit artists posting photos with them on their page. Specializing in Latin music, Noise Match has helped produce the hit song Despacito by Luis Fonsi and other chart toppers.

The Head Engineer at Noisematch Alex J, graduated from the University of Miami and developed the studio to become of the good mixing studios in Miami. Using an SSL Duality console, Ocean Way HR2 speakers, Yamaha NS10s, and lastly ATC SCM25. This set of speakers enables Noisematch to create solid mixes out of their studios. Other notable artists also include the reggaeton iconic duo Chino & Nacho.

Noise Match

No.5 Jimmy Douglass’ Mixing Studio: Magic Mixing Room

What great studio legend other than Jimmy Douglass to add to this list? Jimmy Douglass is one of the pioneers of the recording industry. Having started in the 70s recording and producing rock bands. Some of his most notable credits are working with the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Later in the 90s, Jimmy Douglas started mixing the best works of the time. Furthermore, having worked with Timbaland, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, Nas, Sean Paul, and Alicia Keys, he knows what an excellent mixing studio will sound like.

He built the Magic Mixing Room with one purpose, and that is to create platinum mixing. John Storyk and Jimmy Douglass built his custom studio with an SSL mixing console and Augsperger speakers to create a massive mixing suite. Lastly, his studio has a live room for great recording and builds foundations for getting great mixes.

Jimmy Douglass Top 5 Mixing Studios


With Miami having amazing mixing studios, it is no wonder it has now become home to some of the mixing accolades of the world. When I say Bay Eight has the number one mixing suite out of the Top 5 Mixing Studios, it’s true. Additionally, the speakers, SSL console, and acoustic treatment. If you enjoyed this article, Top 5 Mixing Studios, then you should also read our article on the Top 5 Recording Studios in Miami.

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